TOP NEWS ==== ZCZC 918 7/12 ERTU - Bawti Arabo Corano suff. 1026 6/12 17.55 R. Jaen - SS ID e pubblicità locale suff. 1125 4/12 17.55 Vivacite’ - Bruxelles FF ID e MX suff. 1233 5/12 18.00 R. Dechovka - Predboj Ceco MX buono 1278 6/12 23.30 IRIB - Kermanshah Farsi MX suff. 1350 10/12 00.40 R. Buenos Aires SS predica suff. 1458 9/12 13.30 Lyca R. - London EE talk buono 1503 4/12 18.10 R.N.E. R.5 - La Linea SS NX reg. Andalucia buono 1548 9/12 13.35 Gold - London EE ID e MX buono 3915 9/12 23.45 BBC - Singapore EE NX buono 4885 9/12 04.15 R. Clube do Parà - Belem PP MX buono 5910 9/12 04.20 R. Alcaravan - Puerto Llearas SS MX buono 6070 9/12 13.15 IBC - IT DX NX buono 6185 9/12 04.25 R. Educacion - Mexico D.F. SS NX suff. 6205 9/12 13.25 Laser Hot Hits - EE ID e MX buono 6235 10/12 09.30 R. Waves Int. - EE ID e MX buono 6245 9/12 13.20 Coast FM - EE ID e MX buono 6305 10/12 09.55 R. Merlin Int. - EE ID e MX buono 9610 10/12 10.00 AWR - Firenze IT Obiettivo DX by Roberto Scaglione ottimo 9665 4/12 21.10 Voz Missionaria - Camboriu PP Voz do Brasil buono 9675 4/12 21.15 R. Cancao Nova - Cachoeira Paulista PP Voz do Brasil suff. 9725 4/12 21.20 R. Evangelizar - Curitiba PP Voz do Brasil suff. 11580 5/12 11.00 WRMI - Miami EE predica buono 12095 5/12 11.05 FEBC - Pasig City Hmong talk buono 15575 5/12 11.15 Reach Beyond - Kilsyth EE ID buono NNNN ----



Il Mediterraneo DX club compie venti anni di attività e per celebrare questo evento ha istituito un diploma per radioamatori e SWL che potranno cimentarsi nelle varie categorie. Già da oggi sono in aria diverse stazioni con il nominativo speciale II#MDC che da varie parti d'Italia stanno distribuendo punti per il diploma, Con lo stesso suffisso opereranno stazioni da almeno 20 contries. Il sodalizio nato senza fini di lucro nel 1997 supporta e sponsorizza attività radioamatoriali e spedizioni DX in tutto il mondo. Questa è una breve biografia tratta dal loro sito: The Mediterraneo DX Club promotes and supports DX operations in countries and islands having limited or no amateur radio activity. It was founded in 1997 to encourage excellence in amateur radio operations and is based on volunteers efforts without compensation. Today MDXC has more than 600 Members and is among the most widely known DX Clubs in the world.It’s April 1997. Some friends – amateur radio enthusiasts – decide to focus their efforts on the activation of several Italian islands. In a short time the group grows so much and a lot of new friends join the team: it was born the Mediterraneo DX Team.One year later Mediterraneo DX Team is already among the most lively and large DX-teams in Italy. An army of unstoppable radio enthusiasts activate a lot of new and rare islands; day by day new friends ask to join and share the adventure even from other countries so the old DX team changes into The Mediterraneo DX Club. It was 1998. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge from 1998.Mediterraneo DX Club in now among the most widely known DX Clubs in the world and the oldest Italian active Club. Today we proudly count over 700 Members and more than 150 supported DXpeditions.



The Mediterraneo Dx Club wants to celebrate on air, with all the members and supporters, its 20th anniversary of foundation.

We will do it, from 1 through 30 April 2017, with several special stations that will be recognized by their callsings.

So, to enjoy ourselves, we decided to organize the “20 years award”.

20 years bronze
It will be issued with at least 50 QSOs with the special stations. Each first contact with an MDC station per band and mode, is counted as a valid QSO. You can have 3 QSOs per band (SSB, CW and RTTY) with the same special station. The stations with at least 50 QSOs, can request the free award, which will be sent by e-mail, in PDF format.

20 years silver
All the stations which contacted at least 4 Special stations, one for each continent (Africa, America, Europe and Asia), can request the 4 splendid qsls, which combined to each other like a puzzle, form the award. price € 6,00

20 years gold
Who contacted at least 20 special stations, of which at least one for each continent (Africa, America, Europe and Asia) can request the GOLD plate, which is hand made in wood with your callsing. The cost of plaque € 25,00, including the shipping.

20 years TOP
Reserved to the activators of the special stations. The special station which made more QSOs, will be named TOP, and will receive a hand made wooden plate.

All requests, QSLs and awards, must be sent to the award manager:


– The bronze award is free and you will receive it, by request, via e-mail;
– The silver award can be requested by sending to the manager the list of contacts, by mail or e-mail, with a contribution of € 6,00. It is possible to send the cost also by paypal to
– The gold award can be requested to the manager, by post or e-mail, with the contribution. Payment can also be sent by paypal.
– The TOP award is free for the station which has totaled more QSOs. The other operators from the special stations can request the TOP award to the manager, sending it to the manager by e-email, and the contribution by paypal.


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